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After designing your website and you are happy with the results, your website will be ready to be published on our servers making it available for your all your customers. Free Hosting serverserverwhich is included in the £49.99 package which has massive amount of space and bandwidth for all your needs, so don’t worry!  This package size is adequate for a small and medium business; if you have a large company we can also add more bandwidth and space at a small cost.


•10 addon & sub domains
•FTP and web based file manager
•MySQL with phpMyAdmin
•Email forwarding
•Email autoresponders
•Ecommerce & Flash support
•Fantastico De-luxe
•24hr Support

What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is an automatic script installer which automates the installation of common web scripts such as forums, blogs, CMS scripts, and more.

The benefits of using Fantastico are numerous for website customization and administrations...

Eliminates tedious uploading of common (and not so common) web scripts

Automatically creates and configures the database and tables

Automatically sets the appropriate permissions for the files and folders installed

Modify necessary server configuration files such as .htaccess among others

Why is this useful?

Without Fantastico, you would have to go to the script website such as for phpBB, download the script archive, unzip it to your computer, connect to your FTP account, upload the files, login to your control panel, create the database, start the phpBB setup program and configure it all manually. A process which can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on your connection is suddenly cutdown to a minute or two thanks to the powerful and easy to utilize Fantastico automatic script installer available via cPanel.

Who can use this?

It's so easy to understand that even novice web developers can install a brand new forum for their site issue free with a few clicks of the mouse in their cPanel!

What kind of scripts are included?

You can install forums such as phpBB or SMF, CMS and portals such as Drupal or Joomla, blogs like Wordpress or Nucleus, ecommerce applications like Zen Cart and OS Commerce, image gallery software like Coppermine or 4images and much more all from the get-go and without uploading!